Update! (Characters too!)

Yesterday, I spoke with another writer who gave me a few encouraging words on this project after having felt a bit in over my head what with all the research and studying. He told me a few things I never would have otherwise thought about, even though they sound pretty simple. The big one for me was “Who is your target audience?” And while I have THOUGHT of people being interested in this story, i never really put them in a group or gave them a face. I’m sure once i get the foundation laid out better, that will come but it, at the very least, help with the character planning.

So, here’s the update. I have decided on a character type for our heroine. While her finer details have yet to be ironed out, She, at the very least, has a center. I’ve decided to do a mixture of option A and B for those of you who have read my previous post, if not it can be found here

While this is all fine and dandy, it still has a lot of planning before I’m ready to post anything big on that. 


(updated) Goals for 5/4/14

  • Continue researching sentence structure and story pacing
  • Further research setting and other details to do with the opening to get the first few pages available for preview


I’ve also been looking at Silvia’s character and I don’t believe her original design would fit in this. Originally, she was designed as a towering robotic suit of armor (or a mech if anyone is familiar with this term.) but her scale would either play her as a weight and overshadow the survival element or the scale of the setting would have to be much, much, bigger.  As such I’ve decided that instead of a massive bulky “suit of armor” per se. Perhaps she could retain her ability as AI but on a smaller scale. Like just the helmet of a body suit. Or the AI of the damaged space station. It’s still just story planning at this point, but like my oh, so helpful acquaintance has informed me… A smaller scale might be easier for the audience to understand. Why go through the trouble of having to explain a complex system of a concept that many people won’t be able to grasp where as this updated version would better suit the story? 

Again, it’s all just planning at this point. I probably won’t make a post for a few days regarding this as my goal is to have a page or two out at LEAST by Tuesday to see how it sounds on paper. If I like the idea, and whoever is silently reading this likes the idea, then the story planning will probably take a bit more priority. Otherwise, it’s back to re-arranging and re thinking things.

Anyway. That’s all for now. Just wanted to get some ideas and thoughts down before they were lost. 🙂 Happy Sunday, people!


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